Buzhen Huang

Buzhen Huang

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CrowdRec This project won the 1st place in 2022 GigaCrowd Challenge. Reconstruct 3D crowd with poses, shapes, and absolute positions from single color images. [Report] [Github]

DMMR Calibrate the multi-view camera extrinsic parameters with human pose. [Github]

HumanRegistration Build a skeleton using Blender and register it to human mesh. [Github]

Occluded Human Reconstruction This project focuses on the problem of directly estimating the object-occluded human shape and pose from single color images. [Code]

MvSMPLfitting - A multi-view SMPL fitting tool Fit SMPL(A Skinned Multi-Person Linear Model) to multi-view 2D image. Get 3D ground-truth human via 2D annotation. [Github]

Quadcopter This project won first prize in 2017 Provincial Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest.

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